With over 50 years combined knowledge and experience in commercial financing, the partners at Newcastle Financial provide our clients with access to capital markets, delivering custom-made financing structures for multi-family and commercial real estate financing needs in all 50 states. Founded by a group of Wall Street veterans and senior executives from top financial institutions like GE Capital, Citi Group and Chase Bank, Newcastle Financial is powered by people who know the industry, and who understand the value of innovation in the commercial financing marketplace.
Most banks, commercial lenders and mortgage brokers work with a narrow range of standardized products and automated processes, with very little attention given to the individual borrower or underlying "spirit" of the project. Newcastle Financial takes a different approach. Our professionals are able to offer a financial solution that will precisely fit each individual client's situation. We understand that each client is special and unique, and each project has a different character that goes beyond the bottom-line numbers.
By listening to and understanding each client's needs carefully, we believe that we will be able to gain a true picture of your project and share your enthusiasm.

In addition to our knowledge of the industry and years of expertise, we place a high value on being flexible, personal, and resourceful. Our funding and closing processes are the most efficient and streamlined in the industry. That’s why Newcastle Financial can offer the most competitive rates to meet your financing needs – no matter how challenging it might be for other financial institutions.
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